Advanced CRM Integration

Broadbean’s advanced CRM integration ensures that quality candidates are added to your recruiting database when using BroadbeanPosting. Therefore, your talent pool is constantly growing and you never lose the details of a promising candidate. The system eliminates the need for copying and pasting, which ensures your data is accurate while saving time and money.

  • Automatically add candidate job application records to your recruiting database
  • Choose between adding all records or just those each recruiter deems suitable
  • Take ownership of candidates
  • Improve the quality of client and job data in your database
  • Track candidate applications from source to placement
  • Combine source and placement data to calculate the return on investment from job board spend

Website Integration

Broadbean makes it easy to simultaneously add all job content directly to your own website and all other channels when using BroadbeanPosting. Our Integrations Team will work with the career page you already have in place, and build a bespoke integration that allows you to add jobs to your site, as well as other posting channels.

  • Ensure all job openings appear on your website
  • Increase your website's application rate by providing job seekers with the most up-to-date openings
  • Improve SEO by maximizing regular keyword-rich site content

Mobile Recruiting App

Broadbean can develop a branded-mobile recruiting app for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, which contains all the features you expect from a full-fledged career site. Job seekers can search and apply for current jobs via the app (including a quick browse-by-map option) plus have full control over all content you choose to publish.

  • Full career site features, including job listings and Apply-From-Mobile
  • Push Notifications deliver targeted job alerts in real-time to interested candidates
  • Your brand will be listed in the AppStore & Google Market Place

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Broadbean Products:

Referral Recruitment Software

BroadbeanReferral maximizes the potential of employee referral programs.

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Online Recruitment Tools

Broadbean Bolt-Ons enable you to get more value from Social, Referral, Search, and Posting.

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