Job boards: LongDaGe (The Dragon Exchange)

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North America,USA
The Dragon Exchange was formed with the goal to bring people together from around the world, and enable free and safe information exchange. This has been attempted in the past, but with many limitations and risks. Often times, such free sites are not safe, and ultimately end up as sources for spammers to obtain email addresses. The Dragon Exchange has the following advantages over such free sites:

  • All Listings are free to post: Even free sites such as Craigslist ultimately charge for job listings in certain cities. At The Dragon Exchange all cities are equal, and all listings are always free.
  • Listings are safe: As long as you do not reveal you email address or phone number within your listing, you are safe from scams and spammers.
  • Communications are safe and controlled: All exchanges between people are through our secure Inbox, so your email or contact information is never revealed. In fact, we do not require any personal information about yourself, except for your email address for communications with our site. If members no longer wish to receive communications from another member, they can simply block them. No more spam, no more communications. Don't we all wish we could do that from people who spam our inboxes?
  • Translation Services: Need to reach more people with your listing or information? For a small fee we will provide professional translations for you. Currently we support Chinese and English, since these are the largest groups of people using the Internet. In the future, we hope to provide all languages.
  • Increase your Listing status: If you have an urgent or import listing, and wish for it to appear higher in the search results, you can, for a small fee, pay to have it appear higher in the search results. In some cases, if there is no other competition, only $1 will bring your listing to the top! The cost is based purely on market conditions and what others are willing to pay to have their listings appear on top.
  • Search Result Agents: Looking for something in particular? Most other free sites, you would need to check back every day to see if any new listings have appeared. Our Search Agents will do the work for you, and only email you when a new listing matching your criteria has been placed on the site. Ultimately this saves you time and money!
  • Resume Search: Most free sites do not provide a private resume database that job seekers can post with confidence.

How can we provide all of this, while other sites charge $300 or more for a job listing, and over $1000 for resume searches?

We are small, highly efficient organization, and our founders have been in the Software and Internet business for over 25 years. We have developed the Dragon Exchange system after viewing the attempts by others, and have built upon their success, and looked at their mistakes, and made sure we did not follow in their foot steps...

If you are looking for ways to reduce your recruiter budget we encourage you to try us out, and let us know what you think. We respond quickly to member feedback, and are always opened to suggestions.