Job boards: Wyoming at Work

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North America

This site is a powerful online job seeker/workforce services system, accessed as a web site on the Internet or an Intranet at a OneStop Center. It was specifically designed for job seekers, students, case managers, employers, training providers, workforce professionals, and others seeking benefits and services. The system provides fast access to a complete set of employment tools in one web site. Surveys have proven that users find it convenient and very useful.

Use your mouse to point and click your way through the online services. This system is designed to be comfortable for everyone, even the person who has little computer experience.

Features to help job seekers and students within the system include:

 - Use a professional format to create and send resumes and cover letters to employers

 - Assess your job skills, set goals, and research training providers

 - Review available jobs and apply online

 - Set up a Virtual Recruiter search agent to automatically review job postings and notify you of jobs that match your skills

 - Track your job search efforts and resumes sent in a personal profile folder online

 - Learn about services and benefits for which you may be eligible

 - Determine a budget and plan for training

 - Research regional labor market information, such as salaries

 - Use the email/message center to contact employers and your case manager

Employer users will find the following features helpful:

 - Define skills and post job orders to find potential candidates

 - Research labor market information on salaries and economic data

 - Set up a Virtual Recruiter search agent to automatically find candidates within the system that match the job skills of the job order

 - Communicate with job seekers, case managers, training providers, and others within the system email and message center.