Management team

Kelly Robinson
Founder & Chief Executive
Dan Martin
Managing Director, EMEA
Stuart Passmore
Chief Operating Officer, EMEA
Dominic Barton
 Chief Operating Officer, North America & APAC
Luke Hopkins
Chief Technology Officer, North America & APAC
Peter Sergeant
Chief Technology Officer, EMEA
Richard Essex
Sales Director - Corporate, EMEA
Steve Barnhurst
Sales Director - Agency, EMEA 
Claire Palmer
Client Services Director, EMEA
Clair Bush
Marketing Director, EMEA
Lee Anne Davey
Country Manager, APAC
Laura Fuller
General Manager - APAC
Alistair Neal
Director, Global Alliances North America
Jack Copeland
Director, North American Business Solutions
Elaina O'Mahoney
Director, Client Services North America

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Kelly Robinson

Position: Founder & Chief Executive
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Kelly (@kellyjrobinson) first showcased his entrepreneurial spirit as a co-founder of a technical staffing firm in the United Kingdom.  He then went on to launch Broadbean (2001) with the vision to post the world’s online job adverts. He cultivated this idea along with a fantastic team (thank you) into a global business.

Kelly grew Broadbean by fostering a working environment characteristic of many young technology companies: one that allowed its people to thrive.  In 2009, he brought Broadbean to the United States and recreated the type of environment which had proven to be successful for him in the UK.  He hand-selected the first of his crew in the US office based upon their ability to work collaboratively while taking ownership in wearing many hats.  He believed that the culture he fostered would need to parallel the spirit of the existing Broadbean brand in order to produce great results. 

A few years later, Broadbean Technology has created a strong global presence with offices in the US, Europe, and Australia with no intention of slowing down.  Although its organizational culture has evolved with its growth, the company remains true to the core fundamentals of its inception: “Keep it light and fun while getting the job done!”

Charismatic as they come, Kelly enjoys the fun side of life and always keeps his witty sense of humor.  His personality is so magnetic that he is unable to carry credit cards. His hobbies include coaching soccer, snowboarding and watching Formula 1.  Kelly has also become an avid student of Wing Chun, a concept-based Chinese martial art.  He is a die-hard Tottenahm fan and will defend his team from the despised Arsenal, to the death!  So if you cold-call him, which you probably will if you are reading this, you could do worse than engage him on one of these subjects. And never start the call with “How are you?” because to Kelly, this shows you are boring and possess no originality. Take the hint!

Winner of the London and South East Lifetime Achievement Award for his commitment to the recruiting industry, Kelly never stops striving for greatness.  He has become an influential pillar in the recruitment industry.  To put it simply, if a monument were built in his honor, Mt. Rushmore would close due to poor attendance.

Dan Martin

Position: Managing Director, EMEA
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Dan Martin took the helm at Broadbean in September 2010. His previous position as Digital Business Development Director for Daily Mail and General Trust, and his work with the various digital businesses in the portfolio, have primed him well for his role at the Bean. Dan’s involvement at this crucial stage in Broadbean’s business development is significant. As important financial decisions are required, and established relationships deepened and new ones built, Dan’s strategic background is invaluable.

Dan was delighted to join the business and states, "Broadbean is a quality business with a market-leading product. This, combined with a unique company culture for which we have to thank Dan McGuire, our former Managing Director, and our Founder and Chief Exec Kelly Robinson, makes Broadbean a really exciting proposition".

Career opportunities can come along unexpectedly, yet Dan feels that the timing of this opportunity was perfect. He had long looked for an exciting operational move, and Broadbean was a business he knew well (having previously been on its board). The opportunity to help take the company to the next level proved to be just the challenge he needed. His decision to join the Bean was based on three key factors: product quality, the Bean team, and the brilliant opportunity for career progression. In a market that is constantly changing, Dan aims to continue to uphold our company ethos, strengthened by his strategic insight and enthusiasm to make a difference.

Dan believes strongly in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and occasionally manages to achieve it! Golf is his biggest weakness, both in terms of his obsessive focus and lack of talent, but he is also interested in a wide variety of other sports. Increasingly, watching is becoming more common than playing, but he still hasn’t given up hope that he will receive the call from Kenny Dalglish to don the red of Liverpool FC.

Dan concludes, "There are exciting times ahead for us at Broadbean, as well as for our clients. Information on potential candidates is becoming more readily available, and yet at the same time, the sources of this information are becoming more fragmented. Broadbean will play an important role in bringing order to potential chaos. Our role is to help our recruiters become more efficient, which in turn will help more candidates find their dream jobs – it doesn’t get much more exciting than that!"

Stuart Passmore

Position: Chief Operating & Financial Officer, EMEA
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Stuart Passmore began his Bean journey in February 2006. He started his accounting career at the age of 16. By the time Stuart was 21, he was ACCA qualified. A year later he qualified as a specialist in tax qualification and by 25, he helped to build a successful practice of twelve staff and 250 clients. He also became firm friends with Broadbean’s Chief Executive Kelly Robinson, whom he played football with, and joined the company on a two days a month contract. Before long, this grew to two days a week before Kelly eventually offered Stuart a full-time role which he accepted. From the beginning, Stuart brought a calm presence, a voice of reason, and commercial acumen to a burgeoning team on the edge of significant growth. Broadbean has been growing ever since, leading the market and continually evolving as the industry does.

The very real potential and excitement of global market domination keeps Stuart active and involved in further company development. There are still many challenges ahead for Broadbean which drive Stuart daily. No two days are ever the same at the Bean and this variety further motivates Stuart whose passion and commitment to the business is a hallmark of the leadership team as a whole.

When not leading the way operationally at the Bean, Stuart falls back into his role as a devoted father of four and enjoys playing golf and watching football. He fondly sees Broadbean as having a stabilizing influence on his rich and very full life.

“For recruiters, the future is going to be meeting the challenge of finding and staying in touch with candidates. Social networks have forever changed the monopoly of job boards. They won’t go away, but neither will social media. It will continue to evolve as the jobseeker evolves. We may see multiple sub-networks develop. All in all the future looks pretty interesting for Broadbean.” – Stuart Passmore, Chief Operating Officer.

Dominic Barton

Position: Chief Operating Officer, North America & APAC
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Luke Hopkins

Position: Chief Technologyl Officer, North America & APAC
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Luke joined Broadbean in 2002, bringing with him the knowledge and experience he gained as a Network Engineer in the mobile industry; long before Smartphones had entered the marketplace. The decision to join Broadbean was a simple one and Luke was eager to share his expertise with such an unusual company. With the feel of a start-up and its burgeoning entrepreneurial environment, Broadbean was not only logical, but the perfect match. It was a culture that is still very much alive today in Broadbean’s unquenchable thirst for development and online innovation.

After several years with Broadbean in the UK, Luke had the opportunity to head up the tech team in the US. It proved to be too good to pass up, and he moved there in 2010. He relishes the exciting challenges of leading a young tech department that welcomes his quiet leadership style. He also thrives in Broadbean’s informal atmosphere and embraces its lack of bureaucracy. With year-to-year industry changes and endless tech development, there is always something new to work on. You can bet that technology is the reason Luke has stayed at Broadbean.

Peter Sergeant

Position: Chief Technology Officer, EMEA
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I joined Broadbean at the beginning of 2013 following a career with a number of technology and analytics businesses. Broadbean appealed for its data-driven approach to recruiting and sense of enthusiasm for building services that really make an impact.

It sounds cheesey, but we’re absolutely focused on “how do we most help the client?” The developers I work with have a deep sense of responsibility towards our clients. It’s great to be part of a business where this is the starting point for developing and building everything. 
I bring over 12 years of very varied experience – from what makes software teams tick and a strong development background, to a specialty in bridging the gap between developers’ perspectives and commercial considerations. I’m also a huge geek and spend a large amount of my personal time contributing to open-source projects.

What’s to come? I think we’re going to see data-driven decisions in recruitment become the norm. Before long, the industry will start to really take advantage of what their data can do for them. Almost a decade’s worth of experience and data in this sphere puts us (Broadbean) in an excellent position to do some really exciting things.

Richard Essex

Position: Sales Director - Corporate, EMEA
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Richard's move into the world of recruitment stemmed from an old friend telling him it would be his perfect job. After a 3-month stint in the high flying world of Pilot recruitment, it seemed there were better options out there. At the beginning of 1998, he joined Chamberlain Scott International (CSi), a small, start up IT contract agency, as a recruitment consultant. Within 18 months he had started his own IT contracts team; within 5 years he became solely responsible for the successful running of the entire team of 65 consultants; and finally ran the New York office by 2003. After hitting both personal and business targets, and taking CSi to a top 20 UK contracts agency, Richard needed a new challenge. After a year's travelling around the world, he was introduced to Kelly Robinson (Broadbean’s founder and CEO) from where his career at Broadbean began.

Richard spotted that Broadbean was the new technology in the world of Internet-based recruitment. With job boards the staple diet for recruiters who needed to more and more job boards to remain competitive, Broadbean was an absolute “no brainer”. As the key salesperson for Broadbean’s larger agencies, tapping into the corporate market, and it’s need to direct source, was the clear challenge. This was precisely the kind of opportunity Richard had been looking for: identifying and developing a sales proposition for the corporate recruiter rather than the staffing agency.

It’s not just bringing companies into the future that keeps him at Broadbean; it’s also wondering what will be the next revolutionary product that we pull out of the bag. To be a part of a company that has evolved world of recruitment is very exciting.

Richard’s life out of work is as important to him as his life within work. He’s passionate about food, to the point of being fussy according to his colleagues and friends. “Well yes, I am a bit!”, says Richard, “I like good food, cooking it, or eating out. It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures. If you do something every day you may as well do it properly, right?” If he’s not eating, he’s probably out with friends, at festivals, or travelling. “Travelling is my favourite hobby. “I’ve already been to India and Hawaii this year”.

“For my sins, I’ve always been an Arsenal supporter, so I’m used to picking myself up again and again. “My favourite film is Withnail and I, well it was before I grew up”. His wife is his life now: she makes him laugh and is really the best part of his day despite her love of Eastenders. They are best friends and you can tell he really means it. He has a twin sister and a recent addition to the family, the other love of his life, is his niece Millie. “If I could come back as an animal it would have to be a turtle.” he says.

Richard admits he has a great life and wouldn’t swap it for anything. He starts at 8 and always ends late. “Sleep? I’ll catch up when I retire. It’s all about the here and now and making the best of all opportunities that come my way. Every day brings something new.”

Steve Barnhurst

Position: Sales Director - Agency, EMEA
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Before I joined Broadbean at the beginning of 2013, I’d spent 15 years working in the recruitment industry. I’ve been a top billing consultant, focused on business development and I’ve trained new recruiters and sales professionals. Most recently I was COO for a well respected and entrepreneurial agency based in London.

A timely call from my first boss introduced me to Broadbean. It was a natural step and a great opportunity for me to use my skills as a recruiter, but from a different angle, as I’ve always wanted to work for a company who sold back into the recruitment sector.

I genuinely love meeting consultants and business owners and getting to know how their companies operate. Getting the opportunity to talk to business leaders who already have great companies yet still want to drive change and helping them to improve business processes and delivering a true competitive edge is truly satisfying.

Since I joined Broadbean everyone has been so incredibly supportive and helpful, no matter how obvious my questions have been they’ve only been too happy to answer them! Every single person who works at Broadbean is so passionate about the brand that not only can you see it on a daily basis, you can feel it just by being here.

Outside of Broadbean, I have a wife and two kids and they are my life. I ‘used’ to be exceptionally good at golf and I’ve had the opportunity to play some famous courses with some very famous people. (Apparently I had to grow up one day, be responsible and get a proper job, which was a shame but always going to happen I guess.) I’m also slightly obsessed with DC Comics and Marvel and in particular Batman but don’t tell anyone, and no, I don’t have my own cape although I wouldn’t say no to a utility belt or his car come to think of it!

The recruitment industry is worth billions of and continues to drive forward through innovation and creativity. The result is still about getting the right person the right opportunity but how we make that happen has changed significantly and is constantly evolving. Keeping up with the sheer speed and capacity is a growing issue.

As the market continues to be flooded with massive volumes of data, all of which come from a vast array of constantly evolving sources, I believe we have some of the most innovative solutions available and can make an instant impact to any recruitment business given the opportunity. I’m really fortunate to know about the new products we’re working on and I can’t wait to talk to clients, as I know they will be blown away!

Claire Palmer

Position: Client Services Director, EMEA
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I joined Broadbean in December 2007, and after 4 years of working my way up in the support department, I made client services director in 2012. My previous experience within the recruitment industry coupled with my progression at Broadbean means I now have 10 years plus, working in the Recruitment and IT sectors. I first came across Broadbean whilst working as a divisional manager in a recruitment agency. The customer service I received from Broadbean mirrored my own passions; the company was innovative and going places. And after all these years, Broadbean is still going places! The spirit and drive to make our products the best in the world, matching our clients’ needs, is still as strong today as it was when I joined. What’s more, the company actively encourages all employees to share their ideas and contribute. It sounds corny but the team here really are some of the best you will ever meet in the industry. Each person is hired for his or her individual talent and it makes for a diverse and knowledgeable workforce, which is why I’m still here and looking forward to many more years to come. Ask my team and you’ll discover that I’m a stickler for providing not just good, but great customer service, which we deliver by ensuring our support staff are well trained and recognised. Outside of work I love watching rugby and I’m also a massive star wars fan (old school trilogy, not new films – what was Lucas thinking?!). I can also be occasionally found singing karaoke, even though I know I shouldn’t.

Clair Bush

Position: Marketing Director, EMEA
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I’m a career marketer with experience of both professional services and recruitment. I love marketing and I’m a tad geeky, so being at Broadbean is a dream come true.

After being a client of Broadbean’s for a number of years, I was quite giddy with excitement when the opportunity came up. Working with the team from the outside was always a great experience, being part of the team is actually awesome.

As a technology business maturing in a multi-billion pound industry, Broadbean has masses still to give and get – and heading the marketing strategy for EMEA means I get to be in the driving seat!

My experience in the recruitment industry spans both agency and digital recruitment platforms. I’ve been client facing on all fronts: corporate clients, agency clients and candidates. Another plus is that I get to work with a number of brilliant people and leading brands: technical partners, job boards, associations, networks and friends of Broadbean – all of which make my life easier, more fun and help to give exposure to great technology like ours.

Because Broadbean means different things to different clients, my job is to ensure that every client in all of our markets knows and understands the best of what we can do, so we can positively affect their recruitment strategy. It’s a big job, but as it’s a great one, I don’t mind getting stuck in! Day to day, everyone is different: from coordinating events across Europe, attending awards and conferences through to designing our latest brochure; I get to work with amazing and talented people who are passionate about the quality of service we deliver.

I’d like to say I’m a full cup kind of person – life’s too short to waste a drop. When I’m not up to my eyes in events, parties and communications plans, I’m cooking curry banquets and hanging out with the two very important men (one fully grown, one little!) in my life.

So what’s next? The next chapter of Broadbean is just about to be written. We are all extremely excited about what’s coming soon. The words ‘revolution’ and ‘visionary’ are appearing more and more in the copy I write, and that’s just about the industry as a whole! As the landscape is changing and gaining momentum there are a number of trends on our radar that show no signs of dissipating, particularly data and direct sourcing. There are many more elements that do and will affect our marketing strategy but I’d like to say we are geared up and ready. Hold on tight and watch this space!

Lee Anne Davey

Position: Country Manager - APAC
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Prior to joining Broadbean in 2005, Lee Anne worked in sales and accounting for a Volvo dealership, where she even did mechanics! Her varied role in this traditionally male environment was good preparation for her to work with “unruly boys” that make up sales teams. She feels there is something very special about working with a small but successful company. After seeing her resume on Monster, one of Broadbean’s key job board partners, Ricky Wheeler (European Marketing Director) contacted Lee Anne. Shortly afterwards, she interviewed with Ricky and Dan McGuire, Broadbean’s former Managing Director whose combined enthusiasm and infectious excitement about Broadbean won her over.

Lee is eager to state that, “Broadbean would be an awesome place to work even if your job was to clean out the cupboard.” She has a flair for organization and coordination, remembering placing the company’s first order for office equipment, and loves the team growth she has witnessed over the years. With the launch of the US office in 2009 and Australia operations in 2010, her responsibilities increased considerably as training personnel in different time zones presented its own set of challenges. To her credit, Lee Anne dealt with the situation brilliantly and continues to be one of the most valuable assets of the Bean Team.

Broadbean is part of Lee Anne’s family. “This is not like coming to work for me, it is like coming home.” This is evident by the fact that now, even with one hundred employees, Broadbean still has the same enthusiasm and energy as when only seven people worked here.  Broadbean is a growing company with the drive to overcome challenges and ensure that an incredibly talented multi-national workforce are happy, as well as make the hard work fun. “It’s almost like you want anyone stuck in a horrible rut to come and work here, too.” With consistent company growth, people who are valued, and innovative products, the team still strives to be better, to provide amazing quality service that is available globally.

When not at the Bean, Lee Anne absolutely adores being with her son and sharing jokes and giggles. Being at home, having story time, making breakfast and going to the park can all be counted among her favorite things. The combination of a happy home life and a wonderful job is very fulfilling for her, and that’s what it’s all about.

“I think new candidates, the Gen-X candidates, are changing the world. They are not going to want to be communicated with by job boards or even Facebook. I think these candidates will demand their own way to be communicated with. Candidates today want to be known for who they are. The roles will reverse. I think the journey, so far, has been incredible. The next two or three years will be even more amazing. It will be incredible to watch and be a part of.” - Lee Anne Davey, Sales & Marketing Manager

Laura Fuller

Position: General Manager - APAC
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Laura is one of the newest members of Broadbean’s management team, joining in August 2010 to launch operations in Australia and cover the APAC region. Her experience as a Senior Account Exec at Bullhorn, a valued Broadbean partner, was perfect for us, along with her years in executive search and sales. She had been looking for a career move that would take full advantage of her skills and experience. The opportunity to open a new region and grow a Bean Team came along at the perfect time for Laura.

When not building her team or selling to recruiting professionals, Laura enjoys exploring her new home of Australia with her wonderful husband, Ben. She has visited such places as Hunter Valley and Hamilton Island by the Great Barrier Reef. She enjoyed seeing kangaroos running free and recently acquired her beloved dog, aptly named Sydney.

"The future of online recruitment will be all about passive candidate sourcing. In Australia, there is a major dearth of qualified candidates; many companies look for Ex-Pats. The challenge that many recruitment firms are now facing is how to attract a targeted pool of candidates without adopting direct-sourcing methods. Companies are coming up with additional values added for niche specific sites. An online salary comparison tool will white label their product for a staffing firm, giving out free salary information resulting in great passive candidate sourcing. Candidates then receive a comparison for what the firm recruits against the data provided by the salary tool. It is a win/win for both recruitment firms and candidates." - Laura Fuller, General Manager – Australia/APAC

Alistair Neal

Position: Director, Global Alliances, North America
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Alistair Neal joined the Broadbean team in 2010, bringing years of sales expertise with him.  Now heading up the Global Partnerships division at Broadbean, Alistair creates and cultivates partnerships with companies that are invaluable to the Broadbean system.   His passion for generating new ideas and establishing strong personal connections has made him an irreplaceable asset to the Broadbean team. Let’s just say, Rome would have been built in a day if they followed his blueprints.

Alistair continues to develop his knowledge in the staffing, recruiting, and employment industries and believes in the importance of keeping it light and fun.  He is an avid extreme sport enthusiast, participating in everything from sky diving to scuba diving.  In fact, sharks have dedicated an entire week to him.  As a licensed speed flyer, hang glider and sky diver, Alistair enjoys taking risks and living life to the fullest. There is no challenge he won’t take. If opportunity knocks and he’s not home, opportunity waits.

Alistair’s charismatic personality and positive outlook on life make him a pleasure to work with and instantly loved by those who meet him; he has inside jokes with complete strangers.  When asked “How are you doing?” he always replies, “Sun is shining, life is good”.

“So far my experience at Broadbean has been nothing short of spectacular. I work with some of the most respected and knowledgeable individuals in the staffing, recruiting and employment industries and I am continuing to expand my knowledge of the industry and people that make it run.”

JackJack Copeland

Position: Director, North American Business Solutions
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Jack joined Broadbean in 2005, when the company was just a small operation of seven people. Under a decade later, Jack has seen Broadbean grow in to an international market-leading company that now employs over 130 people in three continents.

Born to parents who owned a staffing agency, Jack started in recruitment at the ripe old age of 16 and worked for various staffing organizations before joining The Bean. As head of the North American Business Solutions, Jack is responsible for all revenue targets in the US, managing both the corporate and staffing sales teams.

In his spare time, Jack likes holding hands, listening to Barry White, and taking long walks in the rain. Unfortunately, he seems to be too busy watching sports, cooking and socializing with friends (yes we all know, that’s a code word for getting drunk), to engage in those other activities. Jack draws his energy from thinking about monkeys, another passion in his life.

When asked to comment on his time at Broadbean Jack said: “I’ve worked at Broadbean for eight years, in seven different offices, and in four different countries. The people here are all fantastic! They are the reason I get out of bed each day and the reason I want to hit my target each month to make the business grow. The evolution of the product and continuous release of new features is the key to our success. It’s also what keeps things fresh for me and the team. As my fellow countrymen would say, “I’ve worked here man and boy. I think I’m institutionalized but in a good way”.

Elaina O'Mahoney

Position: Director, Client Services, North America
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Elaina joined Broadbean in 2011 to lead the charge in providing quality customer service.  Prior to Broadbean, Elaina developed fun, friendly, professional client service departments for companies such as Banana Republic and Brighton Collectibles. Her expectation for stellar customer service has become the standard of Broadbean US, to ensure the same reputable customer service the UK office maintains.

Elaina stumbled into the business world only by chance. After college she began cooking in San Francisco restaurants, yet enjoying the front of the house much more than the back. She transitioned to a client facing role, working her way up through the retail ranks at Banana Republic, only looking back to cook for the occasional dinner party.

“While I work for a technology company that is constantly evolving in an ever changing environment; I believe great customer service must remain a bit “old school”. You cannot replace having a live person on the other side of a phone call to help you out or sending a hand written note to show your customers just how important they are to you. I admire successful companies who never wavier on their commitment to keep surprising their clients with great service. The best part about my role here at Broadbean: I am able show my passion for customer service by leading a great team, while also having spare time to spend with my family.” 

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