Broadbean is the market-leading job posting system that enables you to instantly distribute adverts to thousands of job boards. It’s never been easier to manage candidate responses and, with comprehensive reporting, you can fine-tune your advertising to improve performance. Broadbean can be fully integrated with your database, enabling you to accurately track all your candidates from application to placement.

With 35,000 users posting over 1 million jobs per month, Broadbean is trusted by the world’s largest network of staffing and corporate recruiters

Key features

  • Quickly post jobs
  • Measure online recruitment performance
  • Full control and easy set up
  • Manage candidates
  • Integrate with current systems and workflows
  • Vetting and approval


Quickly post jobs

Posting jobs to boards and social networks has never been faster.

Writing the advert should be the hardest part of posting jobs online, not getting it onto the web. Broadbean takes the administration time out of distributing job postings to multiple destinations, whilst ensuring adverts have the best possible chance of being found by job seekers.

  • 3 step posting process allows you to advertise to all destinations in seconds.
  • Regardless of how many destinations you post to, you will only ever have to fill in one form.
  • Benefit from exclusive job posting and advertising offers from our network partners.

Full control and easy set up

Broadbean offers a range of tools to control your budget and setting up new job posting destinations couldn't be easier.

  • Limit spend and retain full control by using simple quota and cost management tools.
  • Add and remove posting destinations in seconds; start using new channels instantly.
  • Allocate advertising credits to offices, teams or individuals on a monthly basis.
  • Reduce wastage by controlling of what channels can be selected during the posting process.
  • Automate job board and network selections based on the role being advertised.

Measure online recruitment performance

Track and measure online recruitment performance

Broadbean provides all the information you need to get the most out of your recruitment advertising budget. Whether you want to find out the level of relevant applications from each job board or the best time of the week to post an advert, the information is all there and is proven to save clients money.

  • Monitor the performance of each recruiting channel.
  • See the number of applications and shortlisted candidates from each channel.
  • Know where adverts should be sent for specific industries and roles.
  • Negotiate job board and online advertising contracts at the right price for you.

All reports can be viewed graphically or downloaded in Microsoft Excel, giving you the freedom to analyse the information in whichever way suits you.


Integrate with current systems and workflows

Multi-posting without the Multi-login

Integrating BroadbeanPosting with your database eliminates time-consuming copying and pasting between systems and enables you to accurately track all candidates from application to placement.

  • Post to thousands of recruitment channels from within your recruitment system.
  • Eliminate time-consuming copying and pasting between systems.
  • Ensure your database is kept completely up to date with current roles.

If using apply online:

If you work with a recruitment management system that has apply online functionality, Broadbean will enhance your data and increase job posting efficiency.

  • Seamlessly redirect candidate responses from online advertising to your careers portal/Applicant Tracking System.
  • Monitor candidate clicks on the apply button of each channel.
  • Calculate accurate drop-off rates/applicant conversion ratios in the application process.
  • No more candidate-defined source tracking which can lead to inaccurate source data.
  • Be absolutely certain which sources give you a return on your investment.

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Manage candidates

Quickly manage candidates

Broadbean automatically processes all the responses to your adverts, making it easy for you to quickly view, rank, and respond to candidates.

  • All candidates are stored against the roles they applied for.
  • Use the "quick view" CV to see important information without downloading and opening word documents.
  • Simply browse through each CV and rank them to create a concise list of suitable candidates.
  • Quickly email groups of candidates with a tailored message according to their suitability.
  • No more sifting through your inbox to find that great CV.

Vetting and approval

It is often hard to keep track of what your staff write in their adverts. This could land you in trouble if they break any company or public regulations.

  • Broadbean allows you, or your company’s legal representative, to manually screen every advert before sending it out.
  • Ensure every advert is compliant with EAA regulations or other legislation before it goes live on any sites.



The Broadbean product range:


Referral Recruitment Software

BroadbeanReferral maximises the potential of employee referral programmes.

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Online Recruitment tools

Broadbean bolt-ons enable you to get more value from Posting, Search, Referral and Social.

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