Blue Lynx spent a long time researching which job advertising distribution and response tracking solutions company to sign up with and our research and experience led us to sign with Broadbean.

During the initial research phase I quickly realised that most providers were not willing to invest time in getting to know our company's needs. Broadbean invested this time and effort and guided us to a tailor made package that was necessary for our companies requirements and budgetary limitations.

From the very first enquiry, to the signing of the contracts, to the training and continuous aftercare support - Broadbean has provided an exceptional product and service. I don't want to sound too cliché when I write that Broadbean is innovative, client orientated, cost effective and professional. The company and staff read from the same page - they believe in their company's products, their vision and philosophy. Blue Lynx staff use all the Broadbean tools on a daily basis and are more than satisfied with the user-friendliness and the time and cost savings we are experiencing. Last but not least the staff are great.

I think we have certainly made the right decision to invest in the Broadbean tools and would recommend them to any other company within the employment industry in the Netherlands. Well done Broadbean from everyone at Blue Lynx.

Tina Evans, Managing Director