"Following on from the training that we have just gone through via the telephone I would like to just express my thoughts on the fantastic service that is Broadbean! Not only does the product save my time so that I can focus on the development of my business by being able to, at the touch of a button, see a simple and precise overview of the viability of my job board choices based on the response charts but there are many benefits. For example, I am incredibly impressed that as and when I change my job board choices I can change the details such as quota or even add another job board in real time so that my team never have their time wasted dealing with job board failures or putting out duplicate ads. Then of course there is benefit of adding the CV search facilities that I subscribe to...I could go on...

All in all Broadbean ticks every box that is important to me, it is user friendly, accurate, time and cost efficient."

James Murphy, Director