We had been customers of Broadbean since early 2009 and could find no reason to fault the product or level of service we received throughout that time. When our account came up for review early in 2011 we diligently looked at competing products, and were tempted by the apparent cost savings offered by one of Broadbean's biggest competitors so decided to jump ship. After all, one multi-poster must be the same as another right"

Wrong...unfortunately the provider we chose did not live up to the hype and the smooth transition we were promised turned out to be more problematic than we'd hoped. We were plagued by problem after problem including reduced advert response, lack of certain key reports we relied on and the loss of certain fields for certain boards that had an effect on the number of people that were seeing our adverts. The whole exercise had been unproductive and the perceived cost savings had turned out to be a false economy.

After two months it was apparent that there was only one sensible option. We contacted Broadbean and within three days our account was back up and running. Since then we've not looked back and are once again enjoying trouble free multi-posting, and have re-gained a grip on our advertising spend through having access to the best reporting available.

We thought that leaving Broadbean would save us money, but we found that Broadbean was well worth the extra cost as the increased productivity, accuracy and reporting offered by this premium product more than made up the difference. In the end we paid a high price for an important lesson which is "If it's not broke, don't fix it.

Richard Conway, IT Manager