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One system. One database. One true end-to-end solution for your business. The power of a seamless recruit-pay-bill platform simply can’t be ignored.

Whether it’s permanent, temporary or contract recruitment, thousands of people around the globe are recruited, paid and billed everyday through FastTrack-powered recruitment and staffing processes.

Why Choose FastTrack and Broadbean?

Tightly integrated with the FastTrack360 platform, the Broadbean/FastTrack solution means greater accessibility, speed, and accuracy.

You also get the most out of our combined expertise and technology. Your business gains access to:

1 - technology experts who understand posting of job ads, and

2 – recruitment business solution specialists where delivering a fully integrated Recruitment, Payroll and Billing solution is our business. That’s because we all know your business doesn’t end with front-office recruitment.

Advantages of FastTrack-Broadbean Integration

  • To ensure clients experience maximum value from our products, we partner with leading suppliers outside of our core Recruit, Pay, Bill applications to leverage their expertise, and get them working for you.
  • From one FastTrack job ad, consultants can post to:
    • multiple paid and free job boards,
    • aggregator sites,
    • your own corporate websites, and
    • social media channels.
  • Automatically add and update candidate details from job board applications including parsing of resumes.
  • Support from two global leaders, with dedicated technology and expertise in respective fields, and industry best practice.
  • Combine job posting and recruitment best practices, delivered in a timely and cost effective manner. 

The FastTrack360 cloud platform

FastTrack360 is the one true end-to-end recruitment solution that enables you to Connect, Communicate, Collaborate. The platform and the 360 solutions, are backed by:

  • 24+ years of industry advisor and customer collaborations;
  • a true, end-to-end recruit, pay, bill approach to managing your talent pool and customers;
  • an internal recruitment business knowledgebase built from specialists with recruitment industry backgrounds;
  • proprietary IP from FastTrack’s proven recruit-pay-bill solutions since inception in 1993.
  • Access to crucial data, in real-time, exactly where and when your front, middle or back office need it to enable business agility and responsiveness to market conditions and customer expectations.