America's Job Exchange (AJE) is an online job board specializing in diversity recruiting.

Our focus is on connecting industrious, hard-working professionals with employers who needs to hire great talent now. Since launching in 2007, America's Job Exchange has become a booming national recruitment center for thousands of companies, and a career management destination for the people who want to work for them. America's Job Exchange thrives on connections - connecting employers with diverse talent, connecting talent with opportunity, and connecting hiring managers to powerful branding, marketing, and reporting solutions that work for them.


America’s Job Exchange (AJE) is the leading online destination for job seekers to find middle income jobs and manage career enhancement. AJE offers a state-of-the-art search platform, and differentiates from the big job boards with a focus on non-executive (under $100k) jobs and emphasis on helping businesses build a talented and diverse workforce.


America’s Job Exchange helps employers build a talented and diverse workforce. AJE was created as a private sector initiative to continue the legacy of America’s Job Bank, the pioneering online recruitment site retired by the US Department of Labor in 2007, to continue to provide services. Today hundreds of the most respected brands in the nation, and thousands of small and medium businesses use AJE to power their recruiting, compliance and branding initiatives.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 corporation with a slew of positions to fill or a smaller business needing only a few employees a year, we have tailor-made solutions for you. In addition to our online Job Postings, Branding, and Resume Database tools, we offer the most comprehensive OFCCP Compliance solution available in the market, which assists with the administration of implementing and reporting your diversity initiatives. We also continue to support workforce development programs for state labor departments which offer their career sites as part of our network.

A large percentage of the registered job seekers in the America’s Job Exchange database are women, minorities, veterans, and candidates with disabilities. Reaching out to the AJE audience is truly reaching out to middle-America with a special emphasis to support your equal employment opportunity programs in terms of hiring diversity candidates.

We have consciously priced our products and services to be the most competitive in the industry, because we believe you don’t need a big budget to find big talent.

America’s Job Exchange is headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts.