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People who do the right things. This is Haufe's motto for a management style that puts people – and not processes – at the heart of its entrepreneurial thought and action. Haufe has been a tried-and-tested partner for personnel departments for many decades and offers innovative and reliable solutions for HR management.

In addition, Haufe develops digital workplace solutions that optimally support employees in their daily knowledge work.  This conviction determines all the activities of Haufe and is the philosophy underlying a unique, integrated portfolio comprising software, content, continuous professional development and advisory services.

More than five million users in around 100,000 companies and organizations of all sizes in all industries use Haufe's solutions successfully. Customers include Airbus, Allianz, BMW Group, Carl Zeiss, Deutsche Telekom, EDEKA, Infineon, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Siemens.


The umantis Talent Management software enhances three key processes relevant for a company's success: recruiting the right employees, performing the right work and developing the right interpersonal skills.


Applicant management (Link:

Successful e-recruiting, from drafting the job description to getting approval from management, right up to the final selection of the candidate. Make use of precious time to get to know applicants properly and win top candidates for your organization.


Personnel development (Link:

Your most important asset are the right people to do the job. Developing their competences poses a tough challenge on HR departments and line managers. Systematic development by setting clear goals and implementing programs raises productivity and job satisfaction.


Training & Development (Link:

Announcements, registrations, information for participants and monitoring success: all part of professional training course management in your organization.


Goal setting (Link:

Supports employees, managers and HR executives reliably with preparation and execution of employee appraisals. Increases effectiveness focusing on the right things.


Compensation (Link:

Making a meaningful contribution, experiencing success and being offered opportunities to grow and develop: these are all key motivation factors. Honor your employees‘ contribution appropriately while staying in line with budget controls.


Succession Planning (Link:

Identify key line and general managers as they move up through the organization and assure that critical positions will never be left unoccupied for any length of time. Trace the line of an outstanding career and illuminate your employees’ path to success.