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With Broadbean and a single global platform, we can pull together all of our global candidate data on one report – allowing us to analyse talent pools from around the world.

Jay Schaudies

Vice President

Reuben Logo

Using the Broadbean system has allowed our consultants to increase productivity & has eradicated time spent by the consultants posting the same role onto various job boards and has produced much more specific responses. Broadbean's Account Management team are also always on hand to assist us.

Hannah Hodgkinson

Marketing Manager


The system has saved huge amounts of time posting adverts, and we are now able to make future purchasing decisions based on past performance. The data provided through the platform has also helped identify other areas of the recruitment process that need to be improved

Frances Porter

Senior Resourcing Partner


I think Broadbean is the best tool on the market for multi-posting. It has also helped us make sure we get sight of the ROI of our job boards.

Sam Goode

Talent Acquisiton Manager

Nat His Mus

Broadbean is ace. Broadbean's technology has helped us reduce the length of time it takes to post adverts, plus it gives us insight into where best to place our adverts to receive a good response rate and increase cost effectiveness.

Chris Wrigley

Senior Database Developer


We post approximately 100+ adverts each week and we estimate Broadbean is saving our recruiters up to 2 hours a day, which can now be diverted to other client-focused activity. 1 log-in allows us to post to multiple sites, allowing us to get roles out to market much faster.

Gail Callicot

Senior Marketing & Communications Consultant