5 reasons your candidate journey is terrible

Candidate journey

There’s a huge disparity between how employers perceive their candidate experience and how candidates actually rate them. Where there is no disagreement is on the point that a joined up, end to end candidate experience is important but this doesn’t always translate into the amount of effort or resources which go into monitoring this and fixing any problems.

Here is a quick guide from Broadbean on some of the things to look out for.

  1. Not recognising when the Candidate Experience actually begins; 
    In the world of Amazon one-click and Prime, online behaviour is based around the expectation of ease and efficiency. If potential candidates get to your website, careers page or job description and they need to be a Quantum Physicist to figure out how to apply then something is wrong – unless you’re recruiting for Quantum Physicists… We’ve all been to a site to buy something and it hasn’t been user friendly so we’ve gone to a competitor, the same applies to candidates.
  2. Not having a quick apply process on all formats;
    The application process itself can play a big part in a negative experience for a candidate. A recent CareerBuilder study found that the top gripes from candidates relating to an apply process were “applications taking too long” (28%) and “uploading a CV into a system but still having to manually fill out fields” (29%). With over half of all applications on the U.K’s biggest job boards coming from mobile devices, it is imperative that any process you expect a candidate to go through online must be mobile optimised. But come on, it’s the middle of 2017 so do we really need to tell you that??
  3. Not building relationships with Candidates for future opportunities;
    One of the most valuable resources to a client is the internal talent pool of candidates. Attracting talent is of course vital but keeping them engaged can be equally important and this can only be done with frequent and effective communication. Despite this, more than a third of employers (35%) say they don’t put time in to doing this. For example, if a candidate has applied for a role and not quite made it based on experience then it is only really a matter of time before they are right for your organisation and keeping them ‘warm’ might save you a hefty recruiter fee down the line!
  4. Not keeping the Candidate up to date on where they stand;
    More than half of job seekers say employers don’t do a good job of setting expectations in terms of communication at the beginning of a potential hiring interaction. Eighty-one percent of job seekers said continuously communicating status updates to candidates would greatly improve the overall experience.

  5. Not paying attention to how their employer presence/brand is portrayed on social media;
    Employers are essentially marketing to reach an audience of candidates and they can’t afford to let their brand’s social media pages fall by the wayside. Even so, 60% of employers don’t monitor their employer brand on social media. Of the ones who do 68% take steps to encourage positive reviews while 16% just react to negative information. Having a joined up approach to your social media is a must for any organisation these days and if you can tie that in to your recruitment or referral scheme then you can gain a distinct advantage over your competitors.

 Hiring isn’t easy, but neither is looking for a job. So understanding the role that candidate experience plays in both connecting candidates with jobs and finding you the best talent is crucial. Fortunately, Broadbean Technology is here to help!