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What is SocialReferral?

  • Create your own Social Hub

    SocialReferral allows you to stream all of your social content & job vacancies into one page and is fully integrated into your own careers site.

  • Boost your social reach & referral program

    Drive more traffic to the careers page on your website, increase job seeker engagement and hire more candidates through referral recruitment.


How does it work?

  • Integrated with all of your channels

    SocialReferral integrates with all of your social media channels and your ATS, so that everything is automatically populated.

  • Super easy to setup, get started straight away

    SocialReferral is already integrated with many of the major ATS systems. All you need to do is connect your careers page and enter you social media accounts and we'll do the rest!


Why SocialReferral?

  • A unique & effective way to utilise employee referral

    Employee referral is proven to be the most successful form of recruitment, and by tapping into your employees social channels, you're able to access a whole new pool of candidates.

  • Exiting rewards system

    The rewards system helps to create excitement, in the form of rewards and points. Create friendly competition within your teams and find out who can be the companies best ambassador!

Why BB vis1

Hear what our friends have to say about SocialReferral:

vodafone.png (1)

"SocialReferral allows our employees to positively influence their social networks with our employer brand. There is nothing as powerful as the voice of our employees as Vodafone ambassadors."

Nadine Huijen, Recruitment Manager, Vodafone

"It easily links with our Recruitment Management System, so users can connect their social network & give suggestions of candidates who are suitable for the role, candidates they didn't even think of."

Darren Gibson, Regional Manager Frontica

Revolutionise your recruitment process

Utilise the power of referral recruitment with SocialReferral

Import jobs from ATS

SocialReferral will automatically import your jobs directly from your ATS via Broadbean, so all the work is done for you.

Share vacancies

Place your vacancies alongside your social posts to show what brand your potential employees could be working for!

Everyone’s a winner!

Utilise the power of referral by having your employees and others share your vacancies and reward them for their efforts, with incentives & an addictive levelling system

Share & match

Employee-operated, Social Referral lets your employees share to their social networks. Jobs are filtered against user networks & get notified when there’s a match!

Set up with ease

Social Referral has been created for ease-of-use. Easily integrated within your ATS, you can remove and add new channels in with only a few clicks

Granular analysis

See who your best ambassadors are, view which vacancies have had the most engagement and utilise the data to optimise your processes like never before.