Prepaird is an online talent management platform which helps managers and HR do three things:

  • To deploy your workforce and plan projects
    To retain and develop your human capital
    To recruit new talent from internal or external sources


Prepaird is a modern and dynamic SaaS, which can be used for one of these purposes or all combined


We are a Swedish company, based in Stockholm and Linköping but operating in markets worldwide.

We started building Prepaird because we needed the software ourselves. There was a gap in the market and with our combined expertise we had a vision of how to fill that gap. An IT solution that would aid companies in making the most viable decisions in both hiring as well as resource planning. We want to assist in breaking bad old habits and encourage a new view on human capital.

Today we are wholeheartedly dedicated to bring the best talent management and matching platform to the world, constantly improving our service and steadily expanding our company.

Welcome to Prepaird. A better way of doing things.