Before you can begin to place the right talent in the right position, you must find the person in question. That might sound easier than it actually is – because the right person for the job might equally well be in the next room or on the other side of the world! With Workbuster, you can both build up a talent pool of applicants and keep track of the skills that you already have at your disposal within the company.

It’s not simply a matter of identifying the most competent talents – they must in turn have the desire to work for you. We therefore place great importance in ensuring that applicants feel involved throughout the process. Workbuster does everything – from a well-adapted application form with relevant questions, to providing ongoing feedback.


Allowing your team to take part in the recruitment process might sound like you’re just creating a lot of unnecessary work. However, the fact is that joint decisions often benefit the group as a whole. With Workbuster, you get tools that make it simple and convenient to utilise everyone’s knowledge in deciding who will best complement the group.


To us ‘one step ahead’ means always moving forward, rather than taking one giant leap from time to time. Knowing where one is heading, preferably before anyone else has seen the goal, is the true definition of being ahead of the game. With Workbuster, you get all of the tools you need to be right there. First.