Alistair Neal, Director of Global Alliances

Alistair joined the Broadbean team in 2010, bringing years of sales expertise with him. Now heading up the Global Partnerships division at Broadbean, Alistair creates and cultivates partnerships with companies that are invaluable to the Broadbean system. His passion for generating new ideas and establishing strong personal connections has made him an irreplaceable asset to the Broadbean team. Let’s just say, Rome would have been built in a day if they followed his blueprints.

Alistair is an avid extreme sport enthusiast, participating in everything from sky diving to scuba diving. In fact, sharks have dedicated an entire week to him. As a licensed speed flyer, hang glider and sky diver, Alistair enjoys taking risks and living life to the fullest. If opportunity knocks and he’s not home, opportunity waits.

“So far my experience at Broadbean has been nothing short of spectacular. I work with some of the most respected and knowledgeable individuals in the staffing, recruiting and employment industries and I am continuing to expand my knowledge of the industry and people that make it run.”