Elaina O'Mahoney

Elaina O'Mahoney, Client Services Director for North America & APAC

Elaina joined Broadbean in 2011 to lead the charge in providing quality customer service. Her expectation for stellar customer service has become the standard of Broadbean US, to ensure the same reputable customer service the UK office maintains.

Elaina stumbled into the business world only by chance. After college she began cooking in San Francisco restaurants, yet enjoying the front of the house much more than the back. She transitioned to a client facing role, working her way up through the retail ranks at Banana Republic, only looking back to cook for the occasional dinner party.

"While I work for a technology company that is constantly evolving in an ever changing environment; I believe great customer service must remain a bit "old school". You cannot replace having a live person on the other side of a phone call to help you out or sending a hand written note to show your customers just how important they are to you. I admire successful companies who never wavier on their commitment to keep surprising their clients with great service. The best part about my role here at Broadbean: I am able show my passion for customer service by leading a great team, while also having spare time to spend with my family."