I have been our company administrator for Broadbean for over a year now. I find it user friendly and easy to use, even when they have upgraded / updated the system it only ever improves its usability. The technical support staff are friendly and helpful, and if they don't know the answer they can always find somebody who can; and they always get back to you. From the user's point of view it cuts down on the time taken to post adverts to multiple sites, and they find they can monitor and flag applications easily.

There are very few jobsites that do not interface with Broadbean at all so I am very wary of a site that is not compatible.

From an administration point of view, the reporting functions are fantastic and help to separate the effective sites from those that may not be so cost effective.

I have managed to save money on advertising and weed out the sites that are not working for us.

Claire Nuttall