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Chosen by over 2,900 organizations of all kinds, with tens of thousands of users in over 60 countries, PCRecruiter is one of the most diverse talent acquisition solutions available.

PCRecruiter Web combines sales force automation and contact management into a flexible enterprise staffing tool. By managing your clients, candidates and positions in a single, relational database, you'll gain powerful control over your entire recruitment process. Convenient remote access to your database, plus optional integrated email and telephony, allows you and your team to work in the field with all the power of the main office. Work calling lists, post jobs to the web and receive candidate inquiries instantly, with management metrics and workflow control. PCRecruiter Web is your complete staffing solution.

Key Features

  • Candidate Pipeline - An easy drag-and-drop interface for moving candidates from one stage to the next, with automated form letters and complete history tracking.
  • Candidate Profiles - Customizable, searchable forms that can be completed online by any contact in the database for self-entered data collection or internal data standardization.
  • Multi-Purpose Lists - Use the broadly applicable Rollup List function to group Names and Positions for sorting, emailing and other group actions.
  • EEO / OFCCP Handling - Collect self-identification data from candidates to meet your compliance requirements.
  • Boolean Searching - Locate keywords and phrases in job descriptions, notes, resumes and candidate profiles with familiar AND / OR search constructs.
  • Contract Tracking - Manage contractor assignments and availability.
  • CareerBuilder Search - Search resumes on CareerBuilder.com and download them directly to your database.


Contact Details

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