We have had the extraordinary pleasure of experiencing all the benefits of Broadbean, both the products and the dedicated team. Up to now, we have thrown just about every query, question, request and expectation to them, and not only have they met these with a smile, but they have actioned all points in less than an hour of receiving them.

We have a very complicated user system which the support team set up and manage for us, with each user using different job boards, a separate reporting capability and logins. The system has worked so effectively that we have expanded it to the rest of the company.

All of our 30 users can use it effectively, and we have not had any complaints nor have we ever looked back. The response is the same across the board, everyone loves it and we would not be able to do without it now.

The Broadbean has been incredibly effective on our multiple job posting, and now we have response tracking, we are able to post our jobs and manage our candidate responses all from one login. As state of the art as the system is, it is always easy to use and we are proud to be associated with Broadbean.

Head of Marketing