"From start to finish the service met and in many ways exceeded my expectations. As a concept the Broadbean method definitely works and improves the recruitment process, speeding up the process and allowing agencies in this competitive industry to work smarter and not harder. Again allowing improved working methods. When comparing the service on offer from Broadbean with another supplier, which I had recently trialled, I approached the service on offer from Broadbean with a sceptical mind, believing that they could not exceed my expectations. After a very informative and detailed walk through your website and learning how and what services you could offer I was clearly impressed. I relayed my thoughts back to the board of Directors where a decision was made to go ahead with the product.

I would also like to point out that when speaking with the other supplier, to discuss the options they could provide, the service was dire and I was faced with someone at the end of the phone not really understanding my very simple and clear instructions! I was very disappointed yet reassured that the service Broadbean had to offer far exceeded the competition.

From start to finish a first class service!"

Rachel Verghese, Sales Director