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Global customers of all sizes across multiple sectors reduce costs, lower time-to-hire, streamline recruitment, enhance employer branding and improve quality of hire - all through CV Mail.

Key Benefits

Easy to use - CV Mail is an easy-to-use service, requiring minimal training for end users across the HR function and ensuring a fast roll out post implementation.

Flexible -

  • Meet your specific requirements

  • Allow for multiple processes within one system

  • Integrate with other HR tools for example:

    • Online assessment providers

    • Background checking

    • Web scraping tools

    • Job boards and aggregators

    • Social networking

    • CV parsing

 Scalable - Caters for all business requirements: from single to multiple recruitment workflows, for organisations of all sizes at a domestic or global level. 

Advanced, up-to-the-minute technology - Workflow and automated alerting capabilities drive users into action throughout every stage of the recruitment process. Partnering with CV Mail ensures a head start on the competition as we consistently take advantage of the very latest web 2.0 technologies, innovate and drive success.

Secure - CV Mail offers full backup and disaster recovery procedures.

Value for money - CV Mail provides you with market-leading functionality proven to deliver bottom line benefits to your organization.