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Gauge360 creates cost-effective recruitment and HR software solutions to drive engagement and efficiency for any size organization or recruitment company. We believe in empowering your workforce at every level by configuring our solutions to your processes better.

Our core application is instantly available Out-of-the-Box and forms over 85% of the advanced RPO/MSP solutions we have created for Top 100 UK recruiters.

Our thinking and approach is ahead of the curve with unique modules that includes;

  •       Quick,accurate and user friendly’Psychometric based’ talent profiling that puts profiling at the start of the recruitment process.
  •       Instantly rank and match candidates by skills and persona.
  •       From Multi-Tenant Own-Label to full RPO/MSP
  •       SuperAdmin with Billing & Export Options
  •       MultiPosition ATS with Branded Candidate Experience
  •       Candidate Showcase Video
  •       Vetted and Linked Talent Pools
  •       Two-way candidate communications
  •       Recruiter and Corporate/Client Job Boards  for Internal & External users
  •       Broadbean seamlessly integrated to stay within one application

Try www.Gauge.Me for yourself for FREE to create your talent profile. You can post to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ friends to them to create their profile of your and rate it for accuracy to better understand your perception versus the reality.

Once you’ve created your profile you’ll have first hand knowledge of our software and approach.

If you have any questions about our approach and how we provide back-office innovation to our clients, don’t hesitate to call us.