Greenhouse helps companies make better hires, faster, and retain them longer. From sourcing stronger candidates to designing a structured hiring process to enabling collaborative onboarding, Greenhouse makes tools that allow your teams to work successfully together.


Our customers - like ThoughtWorks, Airbnb, and CloudReach - are some of the most innovative, fast-growing, and disruptive brands in their respective markets. They are companies built by people who are passionate about what they do and the tools they use to do it.  


In addition to its ATS features, Greenhouse’s Recruiting Platform includes:


  • Candidate Scorecards

Define the key skills and attributes of a successful hire at the start of the recruiting process

  • Interview Plans

Build structured interview plans by role to ensure a consistent hiring process across all candidates

  • Interview Kits

Prepare your interviewers with everything they need to conduct focused and effective interviews, and collect meaningful feedback

  • Job Dashboard

Manage the health of your pipeline with real time alerts, and quickly see trends in sourcing and candidate volume

  • KPI-Driven Reporting

Collect data during every step in your process to gain actionable insights into what’s working, and what needs improvement


How the Broadbean Integration Works:

After linking Greenhouse and Broadbean, you can take any open role in Greenhouse that’s posted on your company careers page, and export it to Broadbean.


In Greenhouse, you’ll click the "Export to Broadbean" button to begin sending jobs to Broadbean. From there, you’ll be directed to Broadbean and can choose the job boards you’d like to post to, edit any of the advert details, and finalise the posting.  Once the job adverts have been accepted, you'll be taken to a confirmation step. Clicking “Continue” from there will return you to Greenhouse.


After sending a post to Broadbean, Greenhouse will show you:

  • What boards you've posted to and the links to those live posts
  • The number of clicks on those posts
  • The overall activity and status of those posts
  • The option to republish the posts, delete all of the posts, or delete individual posts