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Our Product

MySalarySurvey is a hosted website application that enables you to rapidly deploy a salary comparison website for your industry on a sub-domain of your existing site or on its own, independent domain. Here is a recent example:

The Concept

MySalarySurvey builds data by allowing people to compare their salary and benefits to their peers' in real time - a unique concept that encourages participation and keeps your survey growing year-round.

The promise of anonymity and instant results gives users the confidence and motivation to contribute their data.

The Benefits

Accurate and up-to-date salary data is always in demand but often difficult to obtain.

Operating a salary comparison website solves that problem in your industry and brings multiple strategic benefits to any job board or recruitment agency, strengthening your competitive advantage.

  • Become an authority on compensation data for your industry
  • Attract passive candidates
  • Added value for clients
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Enjoy a genuine USP!

Tailored for You

Depending on your business goals, we offer different product levels. Some companies simply want to operate a leading salary survey. Others also want to incorporate banner advertising to generate revenue and offset operating costs, while others want to build an entire talent community, attracting candidates and turning their salary survey into a hiring platform and profitable business.

Book a Demo

The best way to appreciate the functionality and scope of our platform is to arrange a demonstration. Please contact us at or call Mick Hobson on 01302 288 121 for more information.