OTYS develops software for recruitment agencies, search and selection, staffing agencies, job boards and corporate recruiters. The OTYS solution helps them to find and attract candidates, post jobs, match and communicate and measure the conversion of candidates to jobs.

OTYS has more than 600 customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic and the United States. Recently, OTYS is (as the only recruitment software organization) nominated for the European Business Awards.

According to their clients, OTYS is the 'best kept secret' in recruiting. These clients are temp agencies, recruitment agencies, corporate recruiters and job boards. With offices in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Czech Republic, they assist over 600 companies with innovative technology. OTYS is web-based, multilingual and constantly innovated.

OTYS believes very strongly that recruitment is not a process on its own: that it looks a lot like other services which bring client and customer together; that recruiting a candidate is almost the same as recruiting a client; and that a customer friendly service is a big deal in the recruitment world. OTYS creates a high quality, customer friendly and interactive program from your recruitment process. They help you to distinguish your company on the market. Guide your growth and give you solutions with which you can develop new services.

OTYS customers are not just customers, they are a part of the OTYS Community. With nearly 7,000 recruiters, HR Managers and consultants, you have a network to fall back on and the opportunity to expand your knowledge through them. Togetherness is the keyword. Whether you work for an employment agency, a temp agency, a smaller recruitment agency or in-house with a larger corporate, OTYS offers a software solution for your situation. OTYS is experienced in these markets, they know the players and know as no other how to find candidates.