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We have created the UK's leading recruitment software system, Recruit So Simple. Our name says it all - we bring simplicity and ease of use to the industry. However, simplicity does not mean lacking in features, our system contains the same features that some recruitment companies are paying thousands of pounds per year to use.

Broadbean Posting is fully embedded within the Recruit So Simple system allowing consultants to send jobs directly to multiple job sites across the web, ensuring that you can choose from the widest selection of candidates possible.

To save you time, candidates that apply via the job sites can be imported back into the Recruit So Simple system with one click. Recruit So Simple eliminates time-consuming copying and pasting between systems, allowing you to spend your time more efficiently.

Key Points to the Integration

  • Broadbean’s posting and tracking functionality is fully embedded within the Recruit So Simple system.

  • Consultants can post an advert directly from the Recruit So Simple database onto job boards, own website & social media channels.

  • Candidates can imported into back in to Recruit So Simple system with one click


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