The RecruitActive system allows employers to take advantage of the latest online recruitment developments, helping them manage all stages of the recruitment process, from initial vacancy approval through the offer generation and referencing.

The RecruitActive system provides all of the latest functionality. However each RecruitActive system implementation is configured to the needs of the employer and can include bespoke development if required.

Applicants can be filtered so that the focus is on the most suitable candidates from all sources – internal, external, agency, referrals etc. Online recruitment has been proven to help employers to reduce time to hire, reduce cost per hire and improve the candidate experience with greater efficiency.

The RecruitActive system is normally provided as a ‘hosted’ ASP service (or Software as a Service) to avoid high acquisition costs, ensure rapid deployment and continuous enhancement of the system. Our ASP service enables you to access your Job and Candidate Management system quickly and easily without any additional computers or software in your office.

Benefits Of RecruitActive

  • Cut your costs - reduce your media and external spend.

  • Screen and filter candidates - find candidates who closest meet your criteria for the job.

  • Manage the entire process - posting vacancies, handling applicants, conducting candidate profiling, arranging interviews and tracking progress.

  • Improve your efficiency - manage all processes automatically or ad-hoc; for individuals or in-bulk.

  • Improve your time to hire - improved efficiency helps to fill the vacancy quicker.

  • Enhance user experience - easily keep applicants informed at every stage of the process.

  • Improve Recruitment Strategies - report on any data from the recruitment process to produce the knowledge to change the way you recruit.

  • Move the selected applicant to your HR system - export data into your HR system on hire.

  • Meet web standards - a system that successfully combines form with function.