What is Talent Search?

  • Store all of your applications, effectively

    A platform to index, store and tag all of your applicants into a single, centralised location. 

  • Never lose track of engaged jobseekers

    Find and reengage with previous candidates which you have already formed a relationship with.


How does it work?

  • Automatically store your applications

    All applications that enter the system are sorted by our software and are automatically indexed

  • Refined search, bringing back better results

    Effective semantic searching allows for accurate and relevant candidates to be found with basic or advanced searches.

  • Index & tag to help locate your candidates

    Effective tagging systems allow you to find and share candidates for other similar roles. Have each applicant sent into your ATS/CRM with our integrations.

Talent-search-search-applications-01.png (1)

Why use Broadbean’s Talent Search?

  • Get more from your talent attraction process

    Combine Search with Talent Search, allowing you to display your previous contacts alongside other potential candidates

  • Be confident in your data

    You can rely on the accuracy of the data that is returned. Smart semantic search means that what is returned is always relevant.

    Broadbean is integrated and actively partners with most CRM and ATS platforms, so that you’ll never have to leave your system.

Why BB vis1

Why waste money when relevant talent has already engaged?

Using Talent Search, you won't need to anymore.

Build your own database

Create your own effective database from every application that is submitted.

Save money

Maximise your ROI without increasing your spend and generate more return.

Never lose track

Use tags to quickly find candidates that match your certain search criteria.

Engage and reengage

Ability to engage with new and old candidates with ease and track correspondence.

Keep it clean

Existing candidates are deduped and profiles will be automatically updated when reentered into the system.

Easily integrate

Combined with your CMS/ATS, applications will automatically be delivered into your workflow.