Increase efficiency of your sourcing activity, whilst broadening your reach of hard to find candidates with CV Search.

Here at Broadbean, we know that the UK job market is on the rise, but we also know that it's becoming tougher to source high quality candidates. This was one of the many reasons why we decided to create a CV search software platform, one that would allow recruiters to browse their CV archives for the next potential employee. 

This was made possible thanks to Broadbean already being integrated with thousands of job board CV databases, social and professional networks. This enabled us create a streamlined platform, where you can find the most relevant talent for your vacancies from multiple job boards in one go, rather than just one at a time.



Search for CVs
Drive efficiency by creating one search and bring back results from all your channels into one place.


Save money
Manage all of your subscriptions and aggregate your CV search from one platform, allowing for reduced cost per hire.  


Social sourcing
Leverage the broadcast range of social media in the market, to source candidate profiles.


Multi-faceted search
Access the latest in search standards to return the best candidate data.


Social candidates
Combine an ever-expanding range of social channels with your existing CV databases and internal data, to broaden your search.


Even better results
Combine your external CV database search with your internal Talent Search for even better results.