I have used Broadbean for the past four years, introducing it to a number of different recruitment companies, all of which have never looked back.

From initial trials back in 2004 with Parkside Recruitment and The Buzz, it was clear this job posting tool and tracking software was different: it worked just as consultants needed it to; saving them time posting jobs and saving them time managing their candidates.

At the same time, the tracking statistics were imperative for me working within the marketing department for calculating ROI and preparing analysis for the board. At the time, we calculated that each consultant saved between one and two hours a day just from using the new software; this calculated over two companies and 70 consultants equalled a godsend! Broadbean was quickly introduced to the other five recruitment businesses within Ochre House, all focusing in different sectors, and has continued to save huge amounts of time for our consultants, who are now able to spend more time doing what they're best at, selling.

In addition to the job posting and tracking software, we have aligned the group's corporate websites with the Broadbean technology allowing us to benefit directly from any updates and changes as they occur. This move was welcomed by all at Ochre House and shows how Broadbean are willing to work as partners with recruitment businesses and not just as a supplier.

This is a fantastic product and I look forward to working with the team for years to come.

Simon Wright, Group Marketing Manager