Social is more than just a "feature" - it's a new way of connecting. If you agree, Jobscience is your talent management system. Deployed on, we are the only social recruiting, sourcing and learning application for the social enterprise. Unlike pre-social talent management suites, Jobscience was conceived as an agile, social, and mobile solution- not retrofitted with bells and whistles.


Great people. Great technology. Great companies. It's all Connected. 

Two-time award winner of "Best Recruiting App" on, Jobscience Recruiting is a robust and highly configurable applicant tracking system for companies of any size and recruiting style. Jobscience Recruiting includes pre-configured implementations designed for corporate employers, agency recruiters, executive search firms, as well as strategic sourcing teams. Easily manage a professional, powerful online job board, integrate with social networks to connect with talent, and track candidates from application to placement.



Staffing: Agencies in many different verticals such as Healthcare, Information Technology, and Education are using Jobscience Recruiting to manage client relationships as well as job order fulfillment. Never before has the combination of effective client and contact relationship management been so seamlessly combined with essential recruitment functions including resume parsing, searching and job board advertising.

Corporate: Companies seeking a professional experience for jobseekers and powerful tools for internal recruiters use Jobscience Recruiting to centralize and streamline their processes. Managing position postings and candidate relationships have never been easier, with integrations to social networks, trackable emails, and easy resume parsing and searching. Seamlessly flow information from Recruiting to Onboarding and Employee Management with additional Jobscience applications. 

Executive Search: From boutique firms to global leaders in Executive Search, Jobscience Recruiting delivers a competitive advantage. Develop and maintain relationships with clients and candidates with the best tools available. With tools for researching clients, tracking openings, and locating the shortest route within your network to reach a prospect or candidate, professional recruiters can shorten time to hire and immediately impact revenues.

Sourcing: Strategic sourcing teams for Fortune 500 companies know the value of a strong talent pipeline and understand the concept of candidate relationship management. Even before a position opens, sourcers need the tools to search multiple resume databases, market to talent pools, and have the ability to interface with a primary Applicant Tracking System - even if it isn't on the Jobscience platform! Jobscience Recruiting excels as sourcing tool, with powerful social networking applications including LinkedIn, PeopleMaps, and DataFrenzy.


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