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JXT is the #1 Cloud Platform for recruitment marketing platform, a global partner of Broadbean and shares more than 200 mutual clients. JXT have been operational for more than 10 years and in February 2016, they opened up their London office as part of their global expansion scheme. 

The sole focus of JXT is to improve the digital journey for candidate and client’s alike, helping to increase ROI and overall satisfaction by creating long-term partnerships concentrated on digital strategy.

JXT offer multiple recruitment and sourcing solutions to organisations, that can be customised and curated suited exactly to the needs of their clients.

There are 3 main products which JXT can provide you with a digital solution:


  1. Dedicated Job Board Platform - http://www.b2.jxt.com.au/ 

This option gives your clients the ability to have a world class job board on their website, without any redesign or development of the current site.

JXT will provide a search widget which will be built into their existing home page and provide the job board for the client, including: 

- Their company logo

- Corporate colours included in the job ad template and job listing pages

- Top navigation links to match their current site

 Time for configuration is 7 days

JXT Dedicated job board 

  1. Template Build

This method allows the client to chose from a range of 30 themes available. JXT will apply the client brand to the template and develop a full new website for them. Templates can be seen on the JXT website.

Customisation can also be added to the templates.

Time for configuration is 30 days


  1. Full Custom Build

This is JXT’s premium product and is catered to provide a fully customised design curated for the client’s needs.

This product is highly bespoke and requires 90 days of configuration.


The options listed all allow for quick and easy integration with the Broadbean software, which is all handled and managed by your Broadbean account manager and your respective JXT account manager. 

There are several benefits of using JXT’s product in conjunction with Broadbean, making the client’s experience much more fulfilling and hassle free. Some of the main benefits of working together include:

-       Decreases the pressure on Bullhorn resources internally

-       Quicker time to market and turn-around for your client’s sites to be setup and integrated with Broadbean

-       Gives you more credibility by being in tune with best practice

-       Ability to increase loyalty with clients