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Job Distribution

Post jobs to your preferred channels and track the source. It sounds simple, because it is with Broadbean.

Access the world’s largest network of job boards, free and niche sites as well as social channels and use one platform to multi-post your job adverts to the best combination of channels for your business. Track and manage every application as well as measure your recruitment strategy ROI.

Make life simpler and save time with Broadbean’s Job Posting tools.


Search CVs

Simultaneously search across CV databases and social media channels to source the best talent.

Sourcing candidates is time consuming and hard when talent is in short supply. Speed up your time-to-find talent and benefit from comprehensive reports that show you the effectiveness of all of your CV sourcing channels, in one single interface. 

Find, connect and engage. Sourcing simplicity.


Search Talent Pools

You’ve advertised your jobs and received some good and great applications, but only one perfect fit gets the job.

Capitalise on your biggest business asset and make the most of every application as Broadbean indexes, tags and filters responses into a fully searchable, internal CV database.


Social Referral

Recommendations from employees often result in the best hires. 

Empower your employees to become the ultimate brand ambassadors for your business and attract the best talent using Social Referral.


SocialReferral is your employee ambassador program with massive recruitment benefits.

Employees naturally and authentically cultivate noise around your employer brand. Consolidate your open job vacancies into your employee’s social voice and increase the impact of an employee referral program exponentially.



Darren GibsonRegional Manager, Frontica Business Solutions

“SocialReferral has brought control and visibility to our referral process. We can post positions easily and share news stories from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to help promote our brand.”

Darren Gibson, Frontica Business Solutions Regional Manager

Sourcing Platform

Distribute, search, source, refer and analyse all in one integrated and intuitive platform. Imagine all you need for effective recruitment at your fingertips... Introducing the Sourcing Platform.

We have combined our cutting edge technologies with new concepts to create the complete recruitment sourcing platform, which integrates with your applicant tracking system. Use any or all of our recruitment technologies, in one platform to most effectively source the right candidate for the job, every time.


Data Analytics

Report on spend, activity and effectiveness from across your entire talent acquisition function, from one central reporting dashboard with our Data Analytics Suite.

Measure the effectiveness of your hiring strategy from your advertising and sourcing channel performance, to the time to hire and the total cost of your recruitment campaigns. See the impact each channel, process and person has on your talent acquisition strategy and make decisions based on fact.

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