Broadbean has given us invaluable tips on how to advertise, which we have implemented and have seen a great ROI in terms of calibre of applicants. Our managers left the training feeling fully equipped on how to utilise Broadbean to its full potential.

Gail Callicot, Sopra Steria

Broadbean for Direct Employers

Innovative tools from Broadbean to make direct employers more efficient and effective


Send one job vacancy to all of your selected job boards, and also send directly to your careers website

Manage all candidate responses in Broadbean and choose to directly feed candidates into your ATS

Track the exact source of where your best candidates come from to help make data-driven advertising decisions

Gain vast knowledge and insight from the unused data your business produces that’s already in your system

See the real ROI of each channel and articulate the facts with evidence and start proactively recruiting through the channels you know work for you

Compile all your real time data in to easy to read reports, to help you make smarter business decisions

With Broadbean’s ease of use, you can have your candidates apply directly to your career site or adverts from your system

With the market’s largest network of integrations, we are confident that you can use all Broadbean products from within your ATS.
Instantly set-up Broadbean with your ATS through our integrations and send candidates back into your ATS with one click

Create exclusive groups of relevant candidates from multiple databases and Get notifications when new talent enters a database that matches your criteria