You will be working within our software delivery teams to help plan, estimate and deliver features and enhancements on our core products as well as strategic projects. You will be expected to track the progress of the delivery against estimates and be able to clearly communicate the effect of variance from the estimates on other items in the team's backlog and company's strategic roadmap.

As an Agile coach you will be working with the team and empowering them to iteratively improve upon their processes to increase visibility, teamwork and cooperation, quality and throughput. You will always be seeking to identify MVP, advocating releasing early and often, and reducing time to market while also reducing risk through effective testing strategies. You will work closely with the development teams throughout in order to help them remove bottlenecks and reduce frustrations with existing process and toolchain.


London, United Kingdom

Report To

Business Changer Manager

Key responsibilities

Software delivery lifecycle management

Tracking and reporting delivery progress against estimates and product roadmaps

Highlighting and communicating risk around project delays

Facilitating teams in providing realistic estimates, and measuring velocity

Removing impediments to sprint and release goals

Managing coordination with other teams and business units in order to minimise delays and drive projects to completion

Track time spent by teams on nonproject tasks and adhoc requests. Work with development teams and management to find ways to predict and mitigate these kinds of requests.

Agile Coach

Facilitating teams in identifying and resolving process inefficiencies.

Helping teams be selforganising,and high quality

Key skills

Excellent communication and ability to discuss tasks to a level of detail appropriate to audience

Understanding of different software development management processes. Should be able to describe the differences between, for example, Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban and have stong opinions on when each approach might be effective.


Experience working with software development teams. Technically minded in order to understand developer challenges and communicate them effectively outside of the team.


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