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OFCCP Compliance Management 

Broadbean takes the burden off employers with federal contracts by efficiently distributing your job listings, saving you time and money at the same time streamlining your compliance recruiting

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Because of Broadbean, we are able to be much more targeted with our approach. We also love that Broadbean's account management team are always on hand to assist us with issues that we may have.

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OFCCP Job Distribution

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Your jobs are submitted, hassle-free, to appropriate state workforce agencies and state-run Career One-Stop Centers. State-issued confirmation receipts ensure listings are published and live

Expand your diverse workforce and fulfill your diversity inclusion hiring goals with our network of 18 diversity websites. Our diversity network includes websites that assist African Americans, Asians, Hispanic, LGBT, Women, Veterans and People with Disabilities

Connect locally, Broadbean distributes your jobs to over 5,000 local Community-Based Organizations, based on the locale of each job 

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Build relationships with local Career One-Stop Centers and Community-Based Organizations utilizing our Outreach Management System. Our partner database includes over 6000 organizations and record your good-faith diversity outreach activities in our centralized Outreach management portal to achieve your affirmative action goals

Comprehensive verification reports detail job distribution to state job boards, Career One-Stop Centers, and diversity organizations and websites. We capture comprehensive data to verify your OFCCP job listing requirements are met to the highest standard in the event of an audit