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Broadbean has helped us move forward with our business goals and optimise the product to help meet our needs. It is a very useful tool for recruiters not only for job posting but to analyse data too.

Leona Jackson, Allen & Overy

Talent database software that gets more out of every application

Capitalize on your biggest business asset and make the most of every application as Broadbean indexes, tags and filters responses into a fully searchable, internal CV database


Get more from your talent attraction process and be confident in your data

Organize your talent pool by keeping all of your existing applicants in a central location. All applications that enter the system are automatically sorted and indexed by our software.

Save time and money on advertising by effectively utilizing your own candidate database, with basic and advanced searches to find the most relevant candidates.

Effective tagging systems allow you to find and share candidates for other similar roles. Have each applicant sent into your ATS/CRM with our integrations.


Find out how to use your internal database to engage with the best candidates

You can rely on the accuracy of the data that is returned. Having refined smart searches means that you’ll always have relevant clean data.

Broadbean is integrated and actively partners with most CRM and ATS platforms, so that you’ll never have to leave your system

Keep tabs on current applicants for a positive candidate experience, as well as locating and re-engaging with previous candidates you’ve already formed a relationship with.



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