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TribePad's Applicant Tracking System, founded in 2008, is the choice of many leading companies including the BBC, Tesco & G4S. The cutting edge recruitment platform is used globally by HR & recruitment leaders, with clients all over Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and Australasia. TribePad promises to make recruitment more efficient and fun, reducing the time taken to hire candidates via a sophisticated, adaptable and flexible platform. TribePad accommodates customers of all sizes, from a wide variety of industries whilst supporting clients as they evolve.


With an ever increasing range of features TribePad’s Applicant Tracking System provides:

  • Branded Integration
  • Smart Candidate Profile Search
  • Multimedia Candidate Profiles
  • Social ATS/CRM Functionality
  • SEO Led Career Sites
  • WebSearch
  • On-Boarding
  • ATS Integration
  • Automatic Talent Pooling
  • Manual Talent Pooling 


TribePad has also launched a Video Interviewing Platform, with full integration into the ATS or acting as a stand-alone platform. TribePad has already interviewed thousands of candidates through the video platform, and expects to conduct over 100,000 video interviews in over 130 countries, within the first half of 2016.

Key benefits of the Video Interviewing Platform:

  • Works on all modern browsers, iPads, Android tablets, iPhones, Android phones & Windows phone
  • Record, save and share the interviews with hiring managers
  • Process candidates faster than ever before, avoid wasting time on candidates that aren’t the right fit
  • Filter out top talent before setting up face-to-face interviews
  • Process candidates anywhere, anytime- on the bus, train or at home with a glass of wine
  • Reduce recruiter and advertising costs
  • Candidates can perform the interview at their own convenience, without taking time off work