Transparency in Tech

As a staffing firm leader, you are very aware that technology and AI are key to your current and future success. This webinar helps you target and solve key issues when it comes to AI and transparency in technology.

• What is the state of the staffing industry when it comes to AI and technology?
• How can you use AI responsibly?
• Where exactly is technology transparency most important?

We share three case studies that apply AI to recruiting and empower you to intelligently source the best candidates. April Arteaga with Veritone HR Solutions and Curtis Starkey of SIA answer these critical questions and more in this webinar.

April Arteaga, Director of Sales-RPO & Staffing, Veritone HR Solutions
Curtis Starkey, Senior Research Analyst, SIA

Moderator: Adrianne Nelson, VP Solutions Delivery, SIA

Download presentation slides.