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Ideal for recruitment agencies just starting up and also for all agencies in need of a system which eliminates the inefficiencies of using Excel/Google spreadsheets, Apex is the #1 recruitment software for recruitment agencies worldwide and is guaranteed to save you time and money.

Apex is delivered as a cloud service and runs within a web browser, ensuring a convenient, always-on solution which is accessible from any location and any device, including mobiles and tablets.

With Apex you can manage all your Candidates, Clients, Companies, Requirements and Placements centrally, maintaining a centralised record of all notes/histories and tasks.

Apex is very easy to use and automates dozens of typical recruitment agency processes, allowing you to easily:

  • Run email marketing campaigns
  • Parse candidate CV’s
  • Send SMS messages
  • LinkedIn Contact Import
  • Native LinkedIn integration
  • Send and read emails from within TriSys Apex
  • Run highly personalised email merges
  • Send automatically formatted candidate CV files to clients
  • Add notes and tasks to contacts, tracking all progress centrally
  • Synchronise emails with GMail and Exchange server
  • Schedule meetings
  • Automatically arrange interviews and send confirmation emails
  • Send vacancy specifications to candidates
  • Publish vacancies to job boards and social media
  • Move candidates forward in the recruitment process
  • Automatically generate placements
  • Automatically send documentation
  • Import contacts directly from LinkedIn pages
  • Built in chat system for team collaboration
  • Full MS Outlook Integration
  • CV Parsing (all document formats supported)
  • Mobile access
  • Online Candidate area
  • Job alerts (real time and summaries)
  • Schedule meetings with one click

And much more! All fully automated and based on ready to use templates 

Actions are the key reason why TriSys Apex is the best solution for your agency. If you have been using Microsoft Excel or just a very basic and user-unfriendly recruitment software, you will know exactly how it feels having to constantly fire-fight whilst also being conscious that some software tools will simply never give you the extra capability your business requires. 

Fortunately TriSys Apex offers you complete peace of mind, backed by a specialist support team, free support, training and updates.

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