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Carerix offers a complete web-based recruitment software package. A system for managing the entire recruitment workflow; the boost for all your operations! The combination of an extensive database and smart technology supports both existing and new forms of recruitment/staffing.

Organize all your commercial recruitment activities by using only one system. The only way of working efficient and effective. Carerix offers:

  • Optimal performance and availability, at no extra charge
  • Organized screens, no pop-ups
  • Endless amount of possibilities, yet easy to operate
  • Multifunctional context bar that keeps your information consistent at a high level
  • Clear pricing, no unpleasant surprises afterwards
  • Including e-mail and a unique, self adjustable, workflow for your matching process
  • Placement and contract, webbased timesheets, controlling your invoicing process
  • Many extras included, such as posting vacancies directly to your homepage, jobsites, job alerts, mailings etc...

Essential elements for a recruiter when choosing your new professional recruitment/staffing solution. Have more time conducting interviews and sales calls and less time with administrative tasks. Choose success, choose Carerix!

Recently Social Media has become an essential part of your recruitment activities. Fortunately with Carerix you are fully prepared.

  • Get the best out of your network
  • Simply save promising profiles directly into your database
  • Ideal for processing LinkedIn profiles
  • Generate candidate files based on profiles found with our CXFinder

Carerix is fully web-based. You don't need to install any software. All you need is a computer (or Mac) with a browser.