What is Data Analytics Suite?

  • A unique view of your recruitment process

    Big data software that enables you to gain vital insight into your own recruitment process.

  • Get the facts about your recruitment strategy performance

    Get full oversight of which parts of your recruitment strategy work and which don't.

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How does it work?

  • Connect all of your recruitment data sources together

    Collate all of your data sources together to gain the power to build your own recruitment story.

  • Set the questions YOU need to ask your data

    Whether stakeholders need clear data on your recruitment success, or you need to find the bottle-neck, Data Analytics can be tuned to your exact business needs.

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Why use Broadbean’s Data Analytics Suite?

  • Optimise your recruitment process based on facts

    Use the data to shape your recruitment for future success, all based on real past performance.

    Visualise the big picture. See instant wins to optimise spend, resource and talent pool.

  • Broadbean is able to compile from all sources

    Collate all of your data in one place, from multiple sources, without additional integrations or investment.


Why BB vis1

Become a proactive recruiter...

Utilise Broadbean's potential with your data

Clarify and quantify

Get real answers to the complex questions that weigh down the efficiency of your recruitment process.


Pull all of your recruitment data from all of your systems, into one. The Data Analytics Suite structures reports, taking away the need to assemble data manually

A stitch in time

Move past the debate. Stop wasting meetings discussing how to find complex answers in your recruitment data.

End-to-end ROI

Enhanced data visualisation enables you to see all perspectives. Finally, you can articulate the real ROI from start to finish.

Audit trails

Be confident in the fidelity of data. Data Analytics Suite highlights any inconsistencies in your data and provides a solid foundation for you to start from.

See into the future

Free your time to proactively act upon your recruitment data, optimising your strategy for future talent attraction.