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Privacy Policy

Broadbean is committed to continuous improvement, ensuring we hold ourselves to appropriate standards, and providing appropriate tools for our clients to effectively implement their own policies and compliance.

In light of the new GDPR legislation becoming enforceable in May 2018, we will be making a number of changes to the services and products we provide, in order that we can assist our customers on their GDPR compliance journey.

Broadbean has four main areas of focus, and these are outlined below, along with examples of some of the high-level features they contain.

We've set up this help page to answer questions from clients, partners or suppliers about Broadbean's approach to GDPR including links to helpful articles and information that we've found useful.

According to the regulation, individual organisations are responsible for ensuring they are GDPR compliant.

Broadbean Technology is not responsible for GDPR compliance of our clients, partners or suppliers.

More Details

For more details please read our comprehensive guide to our GDPR commitments here.