Support fact based recruitment conversations across your business.

Understand your recruitment data from end to end, enabling you to drive your recruitment strategy from a meaningful fact base. Data analysis for recruitment is often overlooked, but in a digital world, companies are starting to understand the importance of gaining analytics of their recruitment processes.

You will have large volumes of recruitment data, but often find it difficult to draw conclusions from. With Broadbean’s Big Data Analytics Suite you can now gain insight from across all data sets, recruitment systems and process from one platform. 

Report on spend, activity, and effectiveness from across your talent acquisition function.

Aggregate. Analyse. Act.




Pull data from all recruitment and HR systems into one, comprehensive recruitment-reporting platform. Our system pulls together all of your recruitment data into structured reports taking away the need to assemble it manually.


Tell Your Recruitment Story

BDAS tells your story in a way that makes sense to the executives making recruitment decisions. Show them what matters most.


A Stitch in Time

Move past the debate. Stop wasting meetings discussing how to find complex answers in your recruitment data. Save time by analysing everything in one place.  


End-to-end Return on Investment

See the big picture with ALL supplier data in one place. Finally, you can articulate the real ROI from start to finish.


Audit Trail

Be confident that the data you have, is true and accurate. Big Data Analytics Suite analysis properties highlight any inaccuracies in your data and provides a solid foundation for you to start from, each and every time.


See into the Future

Spend NO time compiling and cleaning data, and ALL your time analysing and optimising your recruitment strategy to secure the future of your talent attraction strategy.


Why Broadbean?

Our business is integrating with disparate technologies – we’ve been doing it for over 15 years! Let us help you aggregate your recruitment big data, to help you make better sense of your data.

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Case study: PepsiCo

About PepsiCo is more than a soft drinks business. The food and beverage portfolio company has 22 brands that in 2013 produced $1 billion of revenue… each. Household names like Quaker, Gatorade, Doritos, and of course, Pepsi, are available in more than 200 countries worldwide. To say that PepsiCo…

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