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Posted on 23 June 2020 In Latest News
  1. Lack of Reliable Data

In order to make a change in behavior among your recruitment team, to make strategic decisions, you need dependable information. Recently, in Walking the Tightrope of Big Data, I explained:

“While the gut instinct of recruiters and hiring managers to find the best candidate is invaluable, it can only be bettered with the integration of big data. This can become a problem, however, when there are millions of bits of information floating about in the company. The best solution is a system that can take the aggregated information and compile it into digestible pieces to show company insights. This adds a level of strategic complexity to hiring decisions and how those decisions impact the organization as a whole.”  

The CSP gives recruitment leaders access to viable data that they can use to make calculated adjustments to the recruitment process. Without the qualitative data, it’s difficult to make these changes effective.

  1. Lack of Transparency

Since the team doesn’t use your outward facing tools as much – or as in-depth – as they should, the department doesn’t have access to the data to assess how effective current recruitment strategies are. If this situation sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Currently, 60% of organizations are updating their talent sourcing strategy, with an added 27% considering modifying their current recruitment program. A tool like the Candidate Sourcing Platform gives you greater insight into current recruitment practices at your organization so leadership can make a more educated decision on the changes that should be made.

Currently, 60% of organizations are updating their talent sourcing strategy. Should you?

  1. Increased Recruitment Spend

Businesses are dedicating more spend to recruitment efforts in an attempt to get an edge on the competition for talent, and the shortage of critical skills makes the drive for key talent even more prevalent. In the U.S. alone, organizations increased their talent acquisition spending by an average of 7% last year. Even with this expanded budget, you still want to use available resources wisely. Because the recruitment team doesn’t use tools to their full potential, there’s a greater risk of missing key candidates which can result in (unnecessarily) higher recruitment spend. CSP allows organizations to leverage their current talent pool more completely.

  1. Broken Recruitment Process

Well, not that your recruitment process is broken exactly. Even though you have a multitude of tools at your disposal, that the company has spent a good chunk of change on, the team doesn’t use them. They may only use the platforms to some capacity, but not to their full potential. Whether it’s the ease of the tool or the lack of sufficient training, the organization spent money on a tool your team doesn’t use. With CSP’s visual design and easy to understand dashboard, it’s nearly effortless to get everyone on board using the platform. CSP aggregates information from all of your sources so the team doesn’t have to waste time gathering the data… it’s already at your fingertips.

 Could your recruitment process be broken with tools that are not being used properly?

As you continue on your search for the best new candidate sourcing tools out there to increase the efficiency of your team, consider a platform that integrates easily with each of your current tools. With the Candidate Sourcing Platform, you and your team will have a greater understanding of recruitment practices in the organization as well as strategy performance. From fixing broken recruitment practices, to increasing transparency and the amount of reliable data, CSP has the answers you’ve been searching for. You want the right analytics? The Candidate Sourcing Platform from Broadbean can give you the data you seek.

Broadbean makes candidate sourcing easy. With the new Candidate Sourcing Platform integrated into your recruitment strategy, you can source, attract, engage and recruit from one platform. Job Done.

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