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Posted on 17 January 2023 In Latest News

Do you feel that too? The need to just shake off the lethargy of the holidays and start again. After the necessary recovery from a busy and eventful year, our batteries are now recharged. In this positive spirit of optimism, many people set themselves highly motivated goals for the coming months. Many of them will be forgotten again in February, but others will be implemented and bring important changes. The trick is to set realistic goals and implement them in stages. Try it! Here are three good resolutions that will make your recruiting more successful in 2023.

Recruiting resolution #1: “More time for new ideas”

Anyone who has decided to work more efficiently this year in order to have more time for new ideas and strategic recruiting measures should first find and eliminate the time wasters in their job. Administrative processes in particular often hold up unnecessarily. Thanks to digitization, however, most of them can now be done automatically. Smart tools offer HR departments the opportunity to redesign repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Multiposting , for example, greatly simplifies the posting of job advertisements. With just a few clicks, you can determine when and where which job advertisement will appear – and at the same time on a large number of channels. At Broadbean, you have access to more than 7,000 job boards, all the relevant social media platforms and, of course, your own careers website.

Also check whether the administration of your candidate data urgently needs a makeover. Instead of confusing Excel lists, a central talent pool is now the basis for automated workflows and also enables cross-team work.

Recruiting resolution #2: “Open up new applicant target groups”

If last year’s talent scouting didn’t bring the desired result, it’s time to put out feelers a little further. Have you ever thought about international recruiting? Focusing on new applicant target groups not only helps you to create a larger talent pool, it also ensures more diversity in the company in the long term. And that in turn increases productivity and the value of your employer brand.

Multi -posting on job exchanges has also proven itself to reach foreign applicants . With Broadbean, for example, you can place job advertisements in parallel in over 100 countries and manage them clearly. Before you start, however, you should make sure that the subsequent application process is also designed for the new target group. Language barriers and time differences, for example, must not become an obstacle for the candidates.

In order to address career changers , you should first consider which talents and characteristics are useful for your company. You can then place appropriately worded job advertisements on niche portals, for example, or visit selected career fairs.

Recruiting Resolution #3: “Meet Industry Colleagues”

Personal contact with partners and colleagues from the industry has been neglected in recent years due to the pandemic. Fortunately, in 2023 there will again be numerous trade fairs, congresses and conferences worldwide that will promote direct exchange between HR managers and HR professionals. Because thanks to automation and digitization, there is more time for joint conversations and discussions. Since international recruiting is becoming more and more important for many employers and they are increasingly looking for promising talent beyond their own national borders, the large international events in particular promise an enriching transfer of knowledge in addition to the many national HR events.

For example here:

  • HR Festival 2023, Zurich, March 28-29
  • RecFest 2023, Knebworth Park, 3rd July
  • Future Personal Europe 2023, Cologne, 12.-14. September
  • HR TECH 2023, Las Vegas, Oct. 10-13 October
  • UNLEASH World 2023, Paris, 17-18. October

The Broadbean team is also looking forward to many personal encounters in 2023. You can get to know us or meet us again at the following HR events:

  • Future Personal Europe 2023, Cologne, 12.-14. September
  • In-House Recruitment Expo, London 23rd May
  • Recruitment Agency Expo, London 15-16 march

Come by! We look forward to you.

This is how you stay motivated

But maybe you also have completely different ideas to really give your recruiting momentum in 2023. No matter what they are – stick to your intentions and make sure you plan the necessary time from the beginning to put your goals into practice. Develop a “timetable” and define intermediate goals that are easier to reach. This motivates and ensures that you do not lose sight of your resolutions in everyday work.

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