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Posted on 12 November 2020 In Press Release

Recruitment software company, Broadbean Technology, has partnered with programmatic media buying agency, Talent Nexus, to provide recruiters with a new job advertising solution that will help them reach targeted talent pools quicker.

The combined solution will allow recruiters to integrate an advanced programmatic hiring service into existing technology, speeding up cost-effective job advertising decisions and enabling staffing companies to access the right candidates, on the right platform at the right time.

The automated solution will ensure hirers are getting in front of the right individuals at a time when application numbers are increasing and competition for placements is rife. Combining Broadbean’s technology and the programmatic experience of Talent Nexus, recruiters will not only be able to reduce time to hire, but also streamline advertising costs.

Alex Fourlis, Managing Director of Broadbean Technology commented on the partnership:

“Our vision for recruitment advertising is to allow our clients to automate their job posting, optimise their spend and applications inflow in real time based on insights we have from the millions of data points we collect every year. We aim to integrate our tools seamlessly with our partners to be able to use signals from the hiring process to help recruiters decide where, when and at what cost to advertise their roles. That’s an ambitious goal and to achieve it we need breadth of programmatic experience, integrated tools, insights and great partners. The kind of qualities we found in Talent Nexus.”

Thomas Prince, Co-founder of Talent Nexus, added:

“The big challenge will now be to attract a high quality of candidates, not a high volume of candidates. Leading recruitment companies have identified programmatic advertising as a key part of achieving this, but most don’t have the budget to start a time-intensive technology integration with a programmatic provider. Through our partnership, Broadbean clients will be able to benefit from the most advanced programmatic service in the world, without any changes to their technology or their recruiters’ workflow.”

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