Broadbean X Barclay Jones: Effective Sourcing Strategies for Busy Recruiters

Candidate sourcing is the beginning of the recruitment process and an essential component in building a robust talent pipeline.

Therefore, we were delighted to have our very own Alex Fourlis and Barclay Jones’ Lisa Jones talk through sourcing and recruitment technology. This knowledgeable dream team is here to help us work our way through this big topic; ensuring sourcing is not time or budget-consuming, and how to guarantee you get the results you need!

This podcast on Sourcing Strategies focuses on:

  • Recruiters who want to spend less time sourcing so that they get as much phone, face, and screening/selling time as possible.
  • Recruitment Leaders who want to make their recruitment businesses more competitive and profitable.
  • Marketing / Operations teams who want to help their recruiters focus their time and attention on candidate and client management, and thus improve sales.
  • How to cut spend and improve speed.